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‘We all have experienced a horse “TYING-UP" some time or another…


Reg no. V19865 Wet/Act 36 of 1947
(class: vitamin and mineral supplement for horses)

EQUISUPREME Untye is an effective vitamin E, mineral, chromium, DMG and omega-3 fatty acid supplement to keep your horse from “ tying-up”, and help it finish stronger.

- Helps prevent tying-up
- Helps reduce muscle damage and fatigue
- Helps muscles work harder and longer
- An aid in reducing lactic acid accumulation during intense exercise
- Reduces recovery time

Untye is specially formulated for performance horses that experience exercise-induced myopathies such as stiffness, soreness and tying-up. UnTye contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects cell membranes from damage caused by scavenging free radicals.

Support your horse’s muscular system with UnTye. The ingredients in UnTye support the antioxidant status of the horse’s body during exercise and replace magnesium lost in sweat. Oxidation accelerates during athletic effort because oxygen use increases. Natural body defense mechanisms may be unable to provide enough protection against oxidation when horses train for or compete in strenuous exercise. Under these circumstances, provide nutritional support for your horse with UnTye.:

What is oxidation?
Oxidation is a normal metabolic process in which fats, carbohydrates and proteins are converted into energy to fuel body functions. Without oxidation, horses couldn’t work or play. An unavoidable side effect of oxidation, however, is the production of free radicals, molecules capable of destroying cellular structure and tissues.

How does exercise affect oxidation rates?
As the body uses more and more oxygen to drive athletic effort, free radical production increases. This hyperproduction of free radicals may provoke significant tissue damage.

What is an antioxidant?
Antioxidants are dietary compounds that inactivate free radicals and block oxidative reactions. Free radicals produced as a result of infrequent, low intensity exercise can usually be neutralized by natural antioxidant defense systems. However, excessive production of free radicals, which often occurs with intense exercise, may overwhelm innate antioxidant mechanisms and ultimately damage cells and tissue. Supplementation with a powerful medley of antioxidants may therefore be necessary for horses training or competing in demanding sports.

Which horses need Untye?

• Horses in an intensive, regular training
• Horses in a regular competition program

What are some visible signs that your horse needs Untye?
• Reduced tolerance for work due to fatigued muscles.
• Muscle soreness and delayed recovery from work.
• Sporadic or chronic tying-up (exertional rhabdomyolysis).
• Dark reddish-brown urine indicating muscle damage.

Which equine athletes may benefit from Untye?
Increased oxidative stress has been measured in horses performing high-intensity, short-duration exercise and low-intensity, long-duration exercise. Therefore, UnTye would be appropriate for racehorses, three-day event horses, endurance horses and polo ponies.

Can Untye benefit my horse after a stressful performance or if muscle damage has already occurred?
The most dramatic effects noted by users of UnTye occur when it is administered following hard work when signs of muscle fatigue and damage are evident. UnTye will help horses recover from work sooner, eliminating downtime between performances and training periods


All supplements meet the latest research-based nutritional requirements (NRC 2007), are registered under SA Act 36 of 1947 legislation, and conform to the highest quality standards.

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