Theunis Steyn Griessel

President's Cup 2018 at Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm. It's such a privilege to be able to ride this amazing horse Equisupreme Equine Supplements Schwaike Warmblood Stud Bogena. Thank you Equisupreme Veronique Breed for making her feel great!



Ivan van der Sijde
January 29. Great Summer Show for Equine Librium riders and horses!! Thank you #Equisupremehorsesupplements for your support. I can truly say your product has a major influence in helping my horses perform at a top level.



Anandre Van Der Nest
April 25 · Dalmada

Veronique Breed ekkan net spogoorEquisupremeAnabolik . My perdbou by die dagspiereen word net al hoe sterker. BESTE PRODUK op die mark. Sien uit vir SAIC


Elizabeth Smit
August 19

Dullstroom 160km was n die pad vanaf 02h00 tot 17h15 in ysigereenen mis en wind gery...maar eken Sadiq ryonsvyfde 160km ritsaamklaar.Tweede plek met eensekonde-Dankie Ronel Wilson vir die lekker saamrytot op die einde.Met 2800km op sypaspoortbly Sadiq my stainless steel perd.Ennatuurlik met Equisupreme se produkte van Veronique Breed is 160km kinderspeletjies!



Theunis Steyn Griessel
September 27, 2017

Clear and 6th in 1.40m A2 at CellC Derby!  Super chuffed with this mare! Thank you to Equisupreme Equine Supplements and Veronique Breed for our new smart numnahs and making her feel great!



Theunis Steyn Griessel
April 3

Equisupreme Schwaike Bogena in 1.40m Championship Nissan Easter Festival ending 5th. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and Chad Cunningham again for your all your help and guidance! Thank you to Equisupreme Equine Supplements for making her feel so good!



Theunis Steyn Griessel
June 5

Does your horse not perform as well at away shows? It could be a direct consequence of gastric pain associated with stress during traveling and having an unfamiliar stable. Try BiogestAND Gastro-eeze from Equisupreme Equine Supplements! It does wonders for Equisupreme Schwaike Warmblood Stud Bogena Get some before you go down to Shongweni!



Roelindi Snyman
May 18, 2017 · Roodepoort

Before Equi Supreme Supplements.....And ONLY 3 weeks after Equi Supreme supplements & lots of food from Chardine at Al Shama Equestrian... What a magnificent improvement!!!!!!! Thank you Chardine & Veronique Breed!!!





Ralien de Beer
May 16

Power by EquiSupreme since 2012
2016 Saic overall 1st -05:08:33 Best of Best 
2015 Walvis YR 2nd
2015 Saic YR 5th
2014 Walvis YR 5th 
2014 Saic YR 6th
2013 Walvis YR 8th 
2013 Saic YR 2nd



Sylvia Janbey
May 16 · Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Powered by Equisurpreme ~ Maya Janbey &Atashi Sky 3rd Place 122 km 2* African Championships 2016 & Best Condition Horse / Maya &Atashi Sky 4th Place 122 km African Championships 2017



Sylvia Janbey
May 16 · Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Powered by Equisurpreme ~ Red & Maya Janbey African Championships 122 km 3rd place & Best Condition Horse 2012 Child Rider / 122 km 1st place & Best Condition Horse 2014 African Championships Child Rider