equisupremeWe are passionate about people and the equine lifestyle. The horse that matters to YOU matters to US. Not only are we horse lovers, we are also experienced riders, personally achieving excellent results on the Equisupreme product range, practically proving that the products provide what is necessary to meet your horse’s individual needs.

We are proud to market Equisupreme, a unique, high quality product range that was scientifically formulated by an international equine nutritionist and veterinarian, Dr Rensia de Wet.

We also market the Stride range, as unique, formulated and sourced by veterinarian and Industrial Veterinary consultant Dr G Catton. Their dedication and passion, vast knowledge and experience and extensive international network has delivered formidable international and national success results in all disciplines.

Our products have earned the trust and confidence of many veterinary practitioners throughout Africa.

The vision of UEN is to recognize the importance of world class scientific knowledge and field experience, combined with sound management and nutrition practices, to achieve top performance results and complete fulfillment of horsemanship.